Helping you build a success mindset

Melbourne business coach Larry Cohen

Success is rarely a result of luck.

Sure, occasionally it is. You’re in the right place at the right time. Or you know the right people. But when it comes to achieving great things personally, or running a successful business, it almost always comes down to mindset, skills, planning and action. As a teenager I was told, “you can’t make it in tennis”. But I proved people wrong. I left South Africa to pursue a University tennis scholarship in the United States and played on the Pro Tour. I learnt many lessons in my early years as a professional athlete that forged my unwavering belief that people can do anything they set their mind to.

I completed a degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology, before moving to Australia in 1994.

Building businesses from the ground up

In 1995 I started my own fitness business. I had expectations of success, but little did I know at the time that I was incubating what would become one of the biggest fitness franchises in Australia. I grew the business over the next 23 years, and at its peak, Step into Life had 162 franchises in Australia and New Zealand, with an annual turnover of over $17 million and more than 10,000 members.

After selling Step into Life in 2018, I embarked on two new enterprises.

On a mountain biking trip in Tasmania with a few mates, my entrepreneurial brain spotted an opportunity. I launched Digs Lodgings, specialising in group and family accommodation in select mountain biking destinations in Tasmania and Victoria.

I also launched my consulting business, leveraging my business acumen to help business owners create tailored environments for success.

When not consulting, I’m a passionate mountain biker, cyclist and family man. I love the serene thrill of being out in nature, chasing the trail on my bike. I’ve represented Australia in long course triathlon, completed six Ironman events, and the grueling Pioneer mountain bike event. 


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“Larry is dedicated to ensuring I’m able to make informed decisions on the viability of my current and future business proposition, and the impact my choices will have on my personal values and goals. He has a whole lifecycle customer experience mindset, which has been instrumental in expanding the focus of my value proposition. He continually moves me along a structured, yet responsive process, setting clear expectations pre and post every mentoring session. His years of successful business experience give him a huge breadth of knowledge and networks to draw on as a mentor. He is perceptive, intuitive and provokes robust conversations through his questioning style and accountable attitude. I would highly recommend him to those seeking a more personal and practical approach in moving their business forward.”