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Group Facilitation

Creating a winning team is one of the keys to business success, but it can also be the most challenging. As a leader in your business, you’re well aware that individuals all have different strengths, weaknesses and personalities and these all contribute to the workplace dynamic.

I work with businesses to developing high-performing, collaborative teams.

Sometimes when your team isn’t aligned, it can cause productivity to drop, affect morale and even lead to conflict in the workplace. Maybe you already have a great team, but you see potential for it to be exceptional. Perhaps you need someone with all the right questions to guide your leadership team through a strategy or planning session.

Here’s where a facilitator can help

  • Would you like your team to communicate better?
  • Are there areas of disagreement that need to be resolved?
  • Would you like to foster a more collaborative approach?
  • Do you need some structure in your strategy and planning sessions?

I help groups of people work together better

Depending on your business needs, I develop an appropriate structure for the workshop or meeting, then guide the group through the process. Drawing on my psychology training and business experience, I use a range of strategies to make participants feel at ease to foster open and transparent communication.

Although it’s not my job to participate, I’m skilled at asking insightful questions to draw out ideas and concepts.

It’s vital to make sure facilitation is more than just a ‘talk-fest’ with no measurable results. As part of my role I make sure actionable outcomes are recorded and followed through. 

Facilitation Services

Group Facilitation

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“I attended Larry’s workshop, ‘Who’s Driving Your Bus,’ at the Get a Grip of the Grind Festival in February this year. This was a highly interactive session where Larry gets you to really think about who is on your bus and whether these people have your best interests at heart, whether they fuel your passion and have your back no matter what. Larry then navigates you through a process to help you get control of your bus, your journey and building your dream team. Larry has a natural and engaging presentation style. I found the session extremely helpful and he provided some interesting insights. Larry has a great energy and had the whole group engaged throughout the session. I would highly recommend Larry as a facilitator for any training, leadership or presenting roles. I’m excited to find out what he will be doing next!”
Ceri Fletcher-Walker
Senior Recruitment Consultant
“During the Get a Grip of the Grind Festival I attended Larry Cohen’s ‘Who’s Driving Your Bus’ workshop. As I walked towards Larry that afternoon, I had no idea what was going to unfold. And what did unfold for me was processing of raw emotion in a very real, tangible, meaningful and safe way. We even managed a few laughs between the tears. “I had internalised the difficulties I have with some significant relationships in my life and through Larry’s guidance and ability to ask great questions, what was buried deep made its way out to daylight. It sounds so clichéd, but by the end of the session I felt lighter. Larry really listened and made it OK, because the point is to have heightened awareness and then do something, anything, that will build your confidence. You would be fortunate to go through one of Larry’s sessions, his messages have stayed with me. Larry is someone you want on your bus.”
Carolyn Adams
Senior Consultant Performance & Reward at NAB