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Larry Cohen, Melbourne business coach

“I was lucky to have Larry assigned to deliver two mentoring sessions for the driving school business I manage. We had some fundamental issues with our delivery model and needed assistance to help turn it around. Larry quickly identified what our underlying pain points were and thoughtfully suggested what we could do to improve. He struck me as someone who had a wealth of experience and really practical knowledge to share. I found him enthusiastic and easy to work alongside. I look forward to calling on his insightful advice in the future and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone to book in another session.”
Parry Williams
Manager Transport and Enterprise, Whittlesea Community Connections
“Between 2008 and 2016 Larry closely mentored me as a new business owner. Larry’s expertise, continual communication and encouragement made the difference on a daily basis. Larry has a wealth of information and education to share on both the health and fitness industry and business as a whole. I will always be thankful for all Larry taught me during that time and many of those practices I still use and value in my business and life today. I would recommend Larry to anyone as an honest, practical, helpful and supportive mentor.”
Lisa Iusitini
Director at BTB Fitness
“Larry is dedicated to ensuring I’m able to make informed decisions on the viability of my current and future business proposition, and the impact my choices will have on my personal values and goals. He has a whole lifecycle customer experience mindset, which has been instrumental in expanding the focus of my value proposition. He continually moves me along a structured, yet responsive process, setting clear expectations pre and post every mentoring session. His years of successful business experience give him a huge breadth of knowledge and networks to draw on as a mentor. He is perceptive, intuitive and provokes robust conversations through his questioning style and accountable attitude. I would highly recommend him to those seeking a more personal and practical approach in moving their business forward.”
“I couldn’t be happier with Larry as my business mentor. His support in coaching me has been invaluable both personally and professionally. He’s opened my eyes to a smarter and better way to work, manage and look at my business. I find Larry’s coaching process very positive and thoughtful. He is supportive, trustworthy and has a realistic approach, knowing what will work for you and your business.”
Kim O’Donnell
GeckoSports Franchiser
"A huge thank you to Larry in assisting my daughter with her franchise business GeckoSports. Larry was able to dissect the business, making astute recommendations, creating clear expectations as to its current and future projections. As she was up for the almighty challenge, Larry then set clear structures & processes that were put into place and followed with diligent check-ins and constant support. Larry’s immense knowledge & experience in Franchising and business along with his excellent mentoring skills, was a major ingredient to the way the business is now structured and managed. Whilst, Larry is very busy person, he continues to remain connected and supportive of the business. With his personal approach, support, care and experience we thoroughly recommend Larry as a mentor to any aspiring franchisor, franchisee or business owner."
Len ODonnell
CEO / Company Secretary Emerald & District Co-operative Society Ltd
“I attended Larry’s workshop, ‘Who’s Driving Your Bus,’ at the Get a Grip of the Grind Festival in February this year. This was a highly interactive session where Larry gets you to really think about who is on your bus and whether these people have your best interests at heart, whether they fuel your passion and have your back no matter what. Larry then navigates you through a process to help you get control of your bus, your journey and building your dream team. Larry has a natural and engaging presentation style. I found the session extremely helpful and he provided some interesting insights. Larry has a great energy and had the whole group engaged throughout the session. I would highly recommend Larry as a facilitator for any training, leadership or presenting roles. I’m excited to find out what he will be doing next!”
Ceri Fletcher-Walker
Senior Recruitment Consultant
“During the Get a Grip of the Grind Festival I attended Larry Cohen’s ‘Who’s Driving Your Bus’ workshop. As I walked towards Larry that afternoon, I had no idea what was going to unfold. And what did unfold for me was processing of raw emotion in a very real, tangible, meaningful and safe way. We even managed a few laughs between the tears. “I had internalised the difficulties I have with some significant relationships in my life and through Larry’s guidance and ability to ask great questions, what was buried deep made its way out to daylight. It sounds so clichéd, but by the end of the session I felt lighter. Larry really listened and made it OK, because the point is to have heightened awareness and then do something, anything, that will build your confidence. You would be fortunate to go through one of Larry’s sessions, his messages have stayed with me. Larry is someone you want on your bus.”
Carolyn Adams
Senior Consultant Performance & Reward at NAB
"I first met Larry over 17 years ago as a trainer for Step into Life in South Australia. Upon my return to Victoria I started my own franchise with Step into Life in Beaumaris in 2007. Larry’s passion and knowledge of business was what first attracted me to the franchise system. For more than a decade Larry provided support and coaching which enabled me to become an extremely confident business owner. He demanded the best from me and was always willing to back up his words with action. Larry’s competitive nature and self motivation has always been his trademark. He will push you to succeed and I thank you Larry for helping my business to thrive and enable me to start my own brand in the fitness industry. Yours in fitness,"
Chad Davis
Director at Bayside Outdoor Fitness
Why not Larry Cohen? – there is no better person for your business. Larry is an exceptional business operator having set up an exceptional Franchise model, one where we were all supported like no other franchise business – me for over 10 years. User-friendly systems to be proud of and he set up Personal Training models the Industry still models from today. He set up web site organizational tools & insisted all his entire teams were trained to perfection constantly updating and improved on in a timely manner.
Larry ran annual conferences and led by example – he always reinvented/rejuvenated us all, motivating all his team for greater success. His discipline was a highlight, not allowing anyone to stray from systems that for over 23 years worked and worked again. He thrives on growth, loves and eats it for breaky both with his sporting and his businesses. He loves the pressure to perform, pushing us to be better in every manner. One thing I will always hold dearly is that Larry creates opportunities and drives others to be better and brings in the gold gems to help create success for us all. Thank you Kim Aldred
Kim Aldred
Director Kim Personal Training

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